Brucella canis: Government updates

11 October 2023


Veterinary professionals in small animal practice may wish to be aware of some of the latest information Government Departments have made publicly available regarding Brucella canis.


APHA Summary Information Sheet (SIS)

APHA has revised its Summary Information Sheet (SIS) on Brucella canis.

The SIS is intended for use by staff in small animal practice. It covers information on transmission of the disease, clinical signs, management of infected dogs and imports, testing regimes, legalities and zoonotic aspects of the disease.

The SIS is available via APHA’s Vet Gateway site here Disease Information (


UKHSA Information for the Public, Breeders & Dog Owners

Members of the public, dog breeders and dog owners, including owners of imported dogs, can be directed by veterinary staff to resources relevant to them. In particular, owners of dogs which test positive for Brucella canis should be made aware of the information.

This information issued by the UKHSA, places greater emphasis on public health guidance and the zoonotic aspects of the disease. It covers transmission, symptoms, diagnostics and treatment and directs owners to vets for testing and treatment.

The information is available in full here Brucella canis: information for the public and dog owners – GOV.UK (


Previous information and resources

Previous information on B canis which includes the UKHSA’s HAIRS Risk Assessment and APHA’s FAQs is available here

Access to the BSAVA Scientific Information Document (SID) is available here