Brucella canis: Government updates

22 September 2023

Veterinary professionals in small animal practice may wish to be aware of some of the latest information Government Departments have made publicly available regarding Brucella canis.

HAIRS Risk Assessment

The UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA) has prepared a Report on behalf of the joint Human Animal Infections and Risk Surveillance (HAIRS) group on the current risk to the UK human population from Brucella canis.

The Risk Assessment provides a qualitative description of the current risk to the UK human population, highlights gaps in evidence and provides recommendations for mitigating the public health risk.

The Risk Assessment indicates that the probability of risk of infection due to Brucella canis would be considered:

  • Very Low for the general UK population.
  • Low for individuals with greater risk of exposure to infectious material from Brucella canis infected dogs (for example dog breeders, kennel, veterinary and laboratory staff and owners of infected dogs, especially those which are breeding or birthing).

The Report in full is available here HAIRS risk assessment: Brucella canis – GOV.UK (

APHA FAQs on testing for B canis

APHA has issued Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on testing for Brucella canis.

The FAQs cover questions on screening, diagnostics, serology and bacterial culture including how to submit samples for testing.

The FAQs also cover reporting requirements and test interpretation.

Access the FAQs in full here: Frequently asked Brucella canis testing questions (

Previous information from BSAVA on Brucella canis including its Scientific Information Document (SID) is available here