Brucella canis: CVOs’ letter to veterinary professionals

16 October 2023


CVOs in England, Scotland and Wales have issued a letter regarding Brucella canis which is intended for veterinary professionals in small animal practice.

In the letter, CVOs recognise Brucella canis as an emerging issue for UK pets, owners and veterinary professionals. They make a number of related recommendations which are advisory and voluntary, pending further evidence gathering and assessment to inform appropriate policy changes. The CVOs’ advice and recommendations cover risk, clinical signs, reporting requirements, diagnosis and treatment.

CVOs also intend to write to prospective dog owners and organisations such animal welfare charities, who may be considering the importation of puppies and dogs or may be intending to obtain a previously imported dog. Additionally, they intend to write to dog breeders. CVOs will be asking organisations and individuals to seek veterinary advice and also, to consider the testing of dogs prior to breeding and when deciding to import or rehome in the UK. They would be grateful if veterinary professionals in small animal practice could also advise any prospective breeder, rehoming organisation or relevant individuals to screen animals for infection with Brucella canis before making the decision to import or rehome in the UK.

Please access the CVOs’ letter here, and the Welsh letter here.

For information on the Testing FAQs mentioned in the CVOs’ letter and additional information please access via the following link Given Brucella canis remains a cause for concern, BSAVA continues to collaborate with Government Departments to produce resources that support veterinary professionals in small animal practice.