Determining predictive metabolomic biomarkers for meniscal injuries in dogs with cranial cruciate ligament rupture using stifle joint synovial fluid

MDR Grant: £32,927

Institution: Liverpool University


A mixed methods approach to quantifying and characterising vaccine uptake and vaccine hesitancy in UK companion animals

Part-funded PhD: £50,000

Institution: Liverpool University

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Can we use bacterial outer membrane vesicles as a novel anti-bacterial therapy?

SRP Grant: £2500

Institution: Cambridge University


Feline lymphoma of the nervous system: a retrospective study (2003-2018)

SRP Grant: £1600

Institution: RVC


Pathogens and antimicrobial resistance in raw meat diets for dogs

SRP Grant: £2500

Institution: Liverpool University


Characterising implant-associated infection and aseptic loosening of total hip replacements in a large cohort of dogs from the BVOA-UoL canine hip registry

SRP Grant: £2500

Institution: Bristol University


Improving recognition, diagnosis and treatment of cats with seizures due to autoantibodies of the central nervous system, a treatable cause of feline seizures and status epilepticus

CRP Grant: £8000

Institution: Oxford University


Beta-adrenergic receptor expression in canine haemangiosarcomas – search for a new potential therapeutic intervention

CRP Grant: £7830

Institution: Nottingham University


An investigation of novel immunohistochemical markers and serum auto-antibodies in cats with chronic biliary tract disease

MDR Grant: £34,844

Institution: Cambridge University


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