If you have the Will, we have the way

Whether large or small, your legacy gift will help ensure that advances in veterinary medicine continue long into the future.

What we do

We support clinical research into companion animal diseases and provide a much-needed lifeline for clinicians and researchers undertaking this research. Over the past 50 years, our funding has led to the development of ground-breaking changes in diverse areas such as kidney disease, anaemia, diabetes, feline leukaemia, deafness, cancer, and heart disease. The clinical studies in veterinary medicine we fund are undertaken to the highest ethical, scientific, and veterinary standards, using no experimental animals. The ongoing success of our projects relies solely on the receipt of your support through charitable donations, legacies and fundraising.

How we help

Grant funding for pet animal clinical research is notoriously difficult to access. While several charities are devoted to the prevention of cruelty and suffering in animals, few are concerned with the study and improvement of pet medicine and surgery. We strive to be the UK’s leading veterinary charity provider of grants solely dedicated to supporting clinical research into companion animal diseases.

How you can help

Your gift will have a long-term effect in ensuring the future of veterinary research for decades to come. While we have made a significant contribution to the treatment of a variety of pet illnesses, there are still many diseases that are left without a cure or even a diagnosis and we need your help to find them. Whatever the future brings, your gift will help ensure we can stay at the forefront of companion animal disease research.

Will writing service

We are thrilled to have signed up with Remember a charity to enable our supporters to receive a 20% discount from Co-op Legal Services when using their Will-writing service. There is no requirement to leave us a gift in order to use this service, but of course your support is always appreciated. Click here to take advantage of the discount.


For more information about writing or updating your Will, please visit Remember A Charity’s guide on making a Will.


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