This calendar shows grant calls as blue segments starting from the opening date of the grant and finishing at the closing date.


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Grant summary table

Grant Maximum award Opening date Closing date Decision made Co-funder Grant information
Master’s degrees by research (MDRs) £40,000 1st August 2023 15th October 2023 February 2024 Funds a postgraduate student to carry out a research master’s project
Research fellowships £70,000 1st December 2023 28th February 2024 May 2024 Funds an early-career veterinary researcher to help them establish independence
Clinical research projects (CRPs) £20,000 1st March 2024 15th May 2024 October 2024 Funds small-scale clinical research projects
Joint-funded clinical research projects £10,000 CLOSED Veterinary Cardiovascular Society Funds projects in cardiovascular health in pets
Joint-funded clinical research projects £10,000 CLOSED The Small Animal Medicine Society Funds research into medical conditions in cats and dogs
Joint-funded clinical research projects £10,000 CLOSED The Debs Foundation Funds projects in pain management in pets
Student research projects (SRPs) £3,200 OPEN: apply now 31st January, 30th April, 31st August Within 6 weeks from the cut-off date Funds projects for undergraduate vets, vet nurses and biovet students
Joint-funded student research project £2,500 CLOSED British Hen Welfare Trust Funds undergraduate vets and vet nurses to research chicken veterinary health