Gall bladder mucoceles (GBM) are characterised by the deposition of thick, gelatinous bile in the gall bladder lumen. In the presence of GBM, the gall bladder fills up with thick mucus-like bile which may also block the bile duct. If undetected, this can lead to rupture of the gall bladder, causing biliary peritonitis which can be fatal. The underlying cause of GBM in dogs is unknown, although there seems to be a genetic predisposition with some breeds, including Border Terriers, more commonly affected.

For the 2023 grant call, we are offering a large grant of up to £30,000 to research any aspect of gall bladder mucoceles in Border Terriers. This has been made possible by the very generous donation of £17,000 from Andrew and Wendy Mooney, who are lifelong owners and breeders of Border Terriers.

“Having been involved in almost every aspect of Border Terriers from pet owner to show dog owner, to breeder, dog show judge, grooming, rescue, and charity work (PAT Dogs), and feeling incredibly indebted to our dogs for all the pleasure they have given us, we decided that we wanted to try and contribute to the future of the breed in some meaningful way.”

Applications for this grant should be made using the same forms as our standard CRP grants, but please identify your proposal as a GBM-specific one.

How to apply

Read our helpful guidance on applying for a BSAVA PetSavers’ grant

To complete your application please complete the application form below and email together with signed terms and conditions, a letter of support from your head of department or practice principal, and ethical committee approval.


Useful resources

CRP application form
CRP terms and conditions
CRP report form – this is for successful applicants to use once research has commenced