Please find below our Triage Tool for use following Lockdown. It is intended to help vets in practice identify and prioritise emergency canine and feline cases when transitioning after a temporary Lockdown period during which more stringent measures than usual will have been in place. It supports a less severe and tiered approach by governments meaning a more normal range of veterinary services can be made available The Tool is available to all vets, free of charge.

This downloadable and printable Tool, which has been created by more than ten specialists, enables vets/nurses and receptionists to rapidly identify cases which are urgent, potentially urgent, or can be delayed. This should help to ensure that limited veterinary resources are used efficiently without compromising animal health or welfare.

The Triage Tool for use following Lockdown measures is free to download and share here

For the full supporting guidance document, including the Triage Tool please click here 

Please note that the Triage Tool in this more detailed Guidance document is primarily intended for use during Lockdown therefore please refer to the Triage Tool for use following Lockdown which can be accessed via the link above. However, although the Guidance itself is intended to be used during Lockdown, it should still provide a useful steer on how to prioritise and manage cases during any period of less stringent measures following Lockdown.

Both the Triage Tool and the related Guidance are intended to be used whilst applying professional judgement and with knowledge of the individual circumstances.