Win a manual for your practice tales

25 May 2016

As part of our aim to position ‘good science’ and educate pet owners, BSAVA is looking to send out a ‘myth-busting’ media release – and we are gathering some of the surprising and even worrying things you have heard from clients in your practice.

We’re also interested in your tales concerning ‘things you wish pet owners knew’, and in hearing your strategies to deal with times when you find yourself in one of those ‘myth-busting’ moments.

We would like to pull together a ‘vet professional’s eye view’, with helpful advice for pet owners about things that vets and VNs wish were more common knowledge; to help pet owners find simple ways to make the most of their vet.

Please could you answer the following three questions and send your stories to – all material will of course be anonymised. All submissions will go into a draw and the winner will be offered a manual of their choice.

1. What is the most bizarre question or comment you have heard from a client?
2. What is the one ‘myth’ or misunderstanding you wish you could correct most?
3. What are the topics you find are most misunderstood by your clients?