VMD’s Special Import Scheme: Website update

29 September 2020

The VMD is in the process of updating its Special Imports Scheme (SIS) section on the VMD website so as to comply with new legislation.

The new website is intended to support practice staff who may be involved in the current import scheme, searching for medicines not available in the UK or handling of import certificates.

To ensure that the new website is fit for purpose and easy to navigate for veterinary practices who submit unlicensed medicine import applications via the SIS portal, VMD would like to hear from veterinary staff who would be interested in assessing the new, prototype website.

VMD understand that COVID-19 is currently impacting on the workload of practices and whilst VMD temporarily suspended the initial work on the website during the COVID-19 crisis, there now is a need to progress matters to meet legislative deadlines. In recognition of a participant’s contribution to the website update, VMD are offering an Amazon voucher worth £25 to those who participate in a call with VMD which should take about 30 minutes. Calls can be at a time to suit practice members including evenings and weekends.

If a member of your practice would be happy to participate in VMD’s request for input, in the first instance please e-mail VMD on the following e-mail importcert@vmd.gov.uk expressing your interest and VMD will provide further details on how you can influence the final outcome of the new website.