Vet Nurse Merit Award in Medical Nursing

28 June 2019

The BSAVA Vet Nurse Merit Award in Medical nursing is a unique course aimed at newly qualified nurses and nurses wanting to expand their knowledge within the field of medicine.

The course takes on a broad range of medical diseases and expands on the theory and most importantly the nursing considerations for each of these diseases, meaning nurses will feel more confident in their clinical judgement and understanding of the patient’s specific requirements.

The course also benefits from a species specific programme meaning the lectures delivered will be tailored to either a canine or feline approach. This will ensure a greater understanding of the difference between cats and dogs and allow the Veterinary Nurse to be able to adapt his/her skills to the species.

There will be a practical element to this course which will allow the Veterinary Nurse to feel confident in performing nursing tasks such as placing feeding tubes and preparing chemotherapy agents.

Speaker Stuart Ford-Fennah says;

“I enjoy teaching the VNMA in medicine as it gives me the chance to meet other passionate registered veterinary nurses and as a tutor I can help direct them in the right direction for their careers by developing knowledge and skills along the way.’’