UK Import Ban on Feeder Rodents from Lithuania

24 February 2022

recent feeder rodent product recall raised concerns about animal welfare and, in collaboration with other animal welfare organisations, BSAVA produced Guidance to support vets in practice and their clients – further information is available here

Defra and FSA have confirmed that the ongoing related outbreak of Salmonella among the UK public has been linked to mice imported from Lithuania for use as animal feed, particularly for reptiles. The risk posed to public health has led to a decision to ban imports of feeder rodents from Lithuania into the UK, which came into force on 17th February 2022.

As a result of this decision, all feeder rodent imports from Lithuania are banned until further notice. A review will take place over the coming months to assess the effectiveness of the measure and to consider mitigating actions taken by the Lithuanian authorities.

Please find further information on Defra’s safeguard measures here Imports, exports and EU trade of animals and animal products: topical issues – GOV.UK ( and

precautionary advice from FSA here