RCVS Knowledge launches journal watch service

30 August 2017

A free resource that keeps veterinary practitioners, academics and students up to date with latest research and critically appraised topics has been launched this week by RCVS Knowledge.

inFOCUS, produced by Knowledge’s Library and Information Service, watches all relevant veterinary journals and provides concise summaries of the most important, interesting or practice-critical primary and secondary material.

Subscribers to inFOCUS are sent a bi-monthly email containing the summaries – including the bottom line for implementation in practice – and the option to read the original articles.

A Clinical Review Team, made up of experts and specialists from across the veterinary community, constantly assesses journals to find the best items based on relevance, quality and potential impact, and then reviews and summarises the literature for each edition of inFOCUS.

Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons President Stephen May said of the service, which aims to remove the time constraints associated with identifying the most vital research:

“inFOCUS is a crucial and long-awaited provision available to everyone involved in veterinary care.

“By removing the barriers to accessing and reflecting upon latest research and commentary, this innovative way of bringing you must-know updates further enforces the move towards evidence-based veterinary medicine, of which RCVS Knowledge is a champion.

“Whether you’re someone who regularly checks veterinary publications or you rarely get the chance to analyse the available material, make sure inFOCUS is on your reading list.”

As well as the six-times-per-year email, inFOCUS will be viewable online, where editions from previous months will be housed and individual summaries categorised by animal type. Though initially focused on small animals, literature from across the broad spectrum of veterinary practice will be highlighted.

Subscribe to have the latest inFOCUS updates sent directly to your inbox.

If you would like to ensure the most important research reaches the veterinary community, join the Clinical Review Team.