Radiographic positioning guide to launch at BSAVA Congress

3 April 2018

Correct patient positioning for radiographic imaging is a key skill for veterinary practitioners and the BSAVA Guide to Radiographic Positioning is the latest publication in this important area. In a departure from the usual format of BSAVA publications, this guide is an easy-to-use flipbook that veterinary surgeons and nurses can keep on hand for quick reference.

The BSAVA Guide to Radiographic Positioning covers the most commonly used radiographic positions for dogs and cats, includes full-colour illustrations, clear instructions and tips, and sample radiographic views. It is a very useful supplement to the BSAVA’s series of highly-regarded diagnostic imaging manuals.

The new guide includes common radiographic positions for views of the head, thorax, abdomen, vertebral column and appendices, making it a comprehensive resource for the veterinary practice.

Copies of the BSAVA Guide to Radiographic Positioning are available to purchase from the BSAVA website here, or by phone: 01452 726700.