Rabbit Awareness Week (RAW) focuses on benefits of neutering

9 May 2023


The Rabbit Awareness Action Group (RAAG), comprising some of the UK’s largest animal welfare organisations and charities and led by Burgess Pet Care, announces that the theme of this year’s Rabbit Awareness Week (RAW) campaign is ‘Neutering: Protect and Prevent’.

RAW, which takes place from 26-30 June, will highlight the importance of neutering, which not only prevents unplanned litters, but, with around 80% of unneutered female rabbits developing uterine cancer after the age of three years[1], it also helps rabbits live longer, healthier lives.

During RAW there will be a wealth of activity intended to raise awareness around neutering, including vet blogs, videos and digital waiting room resources, as well as downloadable packs containing resources for vets’ practices to create their own RAW campaigns.

Dr Suzanne Moyes MVB, MRCVS, Deputy Managing Director and In-house Vet at Burgess Pet Care, said: –

“RAAG decided to adopt neutering for the theme of this year’s RAW campaign, as we want to raise awareness of its benefits among owners. As well as the health benefits, neutered rabbits are generally calmer too. If you have indoor rabbits, you’ll find that neutered bunnies are less likely to exhibit marking behaviours around the home.”

Charlotte Varley, Communications Manager at Burgess Pet Care, added:

“Our research shows that RAW continues to make a positive difference to the lives of the UK’s rabbits, with 90% of vets agreeing that rabbits’ welfare is improving. However, it’s a sad fact that there remains a lot of misunderstanding about the needs of these gorgeous creatures, including neutering.

“Owners often turn to their vets for advice about their pets’ health, which is why we would love to see more practices than ever before throwing their support behind this year’s RAW so we can reach as many owners as possible. Please register now on the RAW website and you’ll be notified when your free vets’ pack will be available to download, which will be filled with lots of engaging resources all about rabbit welfare and advice on how to run a great RAW campaign.”

Alison Speakman, President at the BSAVA, which endorses RAW, said:-

“The BSAVA is once again delighted to support RAW and the important theme of the awareness of neutering. Rabbits are wonderful sociable pets and thrive in the companionship of other rabbits, but neutering is a critical part of responsible rabbit ownership and welfare to prevent unwanted litters and protect against diseases of the reproductive tract. BSAVA is confident that vets across the UK will get behind his important campaign to improve the health and welfare of pet rabbits.”

RAAG is encouraging vets’ practices to sign up to receive important updates about RAW at https://www.rabbitawarenessactiongroup.co.uk/raw-pack-reminder/.

[1] Research source: https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S1557506322000015