Potential outbreak of prolific vomiting in dogs

30 January 2020

Small Animal Veterinary Surveillance Network (SAVSNET) has become aware of reports of acute onset prolific vomiting (five or more episodes in a 12-hour period) in dogs in various parts of the UK. SAVSNET are working to investigate this potential outbreak with Liverpool veterinary practitioner Dr Danielle Greenberg, who has seen a recent increase in suspect cases.

Several vets across the country are reporting an increase in vomiting in dogs. Affected cases seem to vomit more frequently than is typical for canine gastroenteritis, and can sometimes have diarrhoea and prolonged lethargy. There is some anecdotal evidence that affected dogs can transmit the disease, therefore it makes sense for owners and vets to handle suspect cases carefully, and limit contact between affected and unaffected dogs.

Currently, it is not known whether this is part of normal seasonal variation or whether a specific virus or bacteria is involved; both vaccinated and unvaccinated dogs can be affected. Dogs usually make a full recovery with routine symptomatic veterinary therapy, and there is no known risk to people.

Owners of suspect cases should contact their veterinary practice for advice. You can find out more information about the outbreak here.

Vets, nurses and owners who are seeing suspect cases are urged to complete a questionnaire to help monitor the situation. The questionnaire can be accessed here.

For those aware of multiple cases, and where it may be easier to submit information directly in a spreadsheet, please first contact savsnet@liverpool.ac.uk.