Pet Travel – Update on Completion of AHCs by OVs

18 August 2021

BSAVA are aware that for companion animal OVs, completing AHCs relating to pet travel can prove challenging and time consuming.

To support OVs in completing AHCs, BSAVA has liaised with APHA to consider how this may be better achieved by improving access to the completion instructions and the sample form with its accompanying step-by-step quick reference guidance. As a result, APHA have issued updated information for OVs to help in navigating easily to the relevant instructions on Improve International’s Moodle website.

APHA Briefing Note 36/21 outlines the updated information and may be accessed on the APHA OV Gateway here 

It includes:

  • Information on changes to the legislation
  • The latest guidance on how to complete an AHC and EHC to the EU
  • An example AHC and EHC to the EU (including printable PDF versions)
  • A printable quick reference guide for the completion of an AHC and an EHC to the EU

Companion animal OVs are encouraged to access the information at their earliest opportunity to familiarise themselves with the requirements. APHA also advises that OVs view the quick reference guide to assist in the completion of AHCs. Copies may be printed for reference but OVs are reminded to regularly check NFGs and the latest guidance to ensure that they remain up-to-date with the latest information

If OVs require further information they should contact: