John Chitty signs off Presidential year with book launch at BSAVA Congress

29 March 2018

The BSAVA Manual of Avian Practice is the latest addition to the BSAVA Foundation Manual series. Edited by Deborah Monks and BSAVA President, John Chitty, the manual is aimed primarily at general practitioners, as well as veterinary students and nurses, who do not often see birds or are starting to develop a special interest in avian medicine.

The manual covers species of parrots, passerines and raptors often seen in practice, and the first section provides an overview of biology, husbandry, anatomy and nutrition, along with clinical techniques such as radiography and anaesthesia. The second section of the manual focuses on clinical presentation. As the editors comment “Clinical signs in birds are rarely, if ever, pathognomonic and these chapters provide a logical approach to the more common presentations seen by practitioners.” The one exception is the chapter on infectious diseases, where the emphasis is placed on recognition and specific pathogen testing, as well as prevention and control of the spread of disease.

The quick reference guides included in the manual discuss practical techniques and treatments in an easy-to-follow format, whilst the case examples provide the reader with information on how to approach a particular problem that they may encounter in practice. The set of six appendices contain concise information on a range of topics including sexual identification of selected species, haematology and biochemistry parameters, and a drug formulary.

A selection of videos demonstrating common basic techniques, including nail and beak trimming, catheter placement, nasal flushing, drug administration and microchip placement, accompanies the manual. These videos will assist even the most novice practitioner to rapidly develop clinical confidence.

Copies of the BSAVA Manual of Avian Practice, A Foundation Manual are available from the BSAVA website: or by phone: 01452 726700. The online edition is available from: