Infectious diseases Companion quiz

30 January 2017

n January’s Companion we started the year doing something a little different.  We featured eight pictures from animals with infectious diseases and invited readers to name them and suggest a treatment.

One question was:

The image shown here is a lymph node smear from a 7 year old Greyhound that was imported from Spain 4 years ago. The dog has a mild generalised lymphadenopathy and moderate proteinuria consistent with a protein loosing nephropathy. What is present in the macrophage in the centre of the picture?

If you think you know the answer and would like to have a go at similar questions, you can take part in this fun quiz below.  If you have already seen the quiz in this month’s Companion and are ready for the answers you can take a look below too.

Special thanks to Paola Monti and Jon Wray for the use of their photographs.

Happy quizzing!

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