Imported diseases of dogs & cats

6 October 2022

APHA recognises that in recent years there has been an increase in the number of companion animals imported into the UK and in some cases, little may be known about the medical history of the animals. Therefore, the risk of importing diseases which are not endemic in the UK is increasing. Additionally, with the change in climate there is also the risk of the change in distribution of vectors.

To support the wider veterinary community, APHA has produced information that provides a short summary of some of the diseases which could be imported into the UK through the importation of dogs and cats. The document outlines key information relating to the transmission, clinical signs, prevention and treatment of diseases and also, their zoonotic potential.

This list of diseases covered is by not exhaustive, but it is intended to provide a useful summary and signposts to further information for some of the conditions.

Access to APHA’s document is available here