Help shape a new online antibiotic decision-making tool

9 May 2024

The BSAVA and the Small Animal Medicine Society (SAMSoc) are developing an online tool to support and streamline the decision-making process around infectious disease.

The aim of the tool is to enhance the confidence of veterinary professionals in deciding when to prescribe, and when to withhold, antibiotics. The demo version of the tool was unveiled at BSAVA Congress in March, and the BSAVA is now appealing for feedback from vets in all areas of practice by the end of May.

The tool is the next step in the PROTECT ME initiative, the core of which is the BSAVA/SAMSoc Guide to Responsible Use of Antibiotics: PROTECT ME guide in the BSAVA Library and the accompanying ‘Antibiotic use in our practice’ poster. The current demo version of the tool provides advice on gastrointestinal infections; work is underway to cover all areas of the PROTECT ME guide.

Recent additions to the PROTECT ME guide include new resources to support medicating cats, produced by the International Society of Feline Medicine and the Feline Centre at Langford Vets, and a new FAQ section for owners who have been given a non-prescription form.

Cameron Shuttlewood, Production Editor at BSAVA (who is part of the team developing the online tool) said: “Responsible use of veterinary medicines is key in supporting One Health and in retaining the right to prescribe antibiotics that are important in human medicine.

“We are pleased that the small animal veterinary community is embracing the importance of antibiotic stewardship, and we want this tool to make it quick and easy to follow existing evidence-based guidance.”

The full PROTECT ME guide, including printable posters and non-prescription forms, is available from BSAVA members can request free printed copies of the poster for their practice. Non-members can purchase copies from for a small fee of £5. Visit to try the tool.