EU Exit: ‘No-deal’ scenario and the impact on vets

8 March 2019

The government is continuing to make preparations for the UK’s departure from the EU. Given negotiations are ongoing between the UK and the EU the outcome of which is unknown, the UK is also preparing for a ‘no-deal’ scenario in the event that the UK leaves the EU without a deal. The BSAVA regularly engages with Defra and APHA to ensure the latest updates are obtained from government which may have an impact on vets in private practice, in particular those who may be involved in OV work.

As part of the most recent update, Defra indicated that they have launched a Veterinary Sector landing page on their website which has gone live today. It contains the latest information on Defra’s guidance relating to the veterinary sector preparing for EU exit and can be accessed on the DEFRA website.

Information is also available on the EU Exit section of the APHA Vet Gateway 

Defra have made us aware of additional resources that have been put in place in preparation for EU exit. These include increased laboratory capacity at VLA, Weybridge which supports submissions for rabies testing which have increased over the past couple of months, reflecting pet owners and companion animal vets making preparations at local level for EU Exit and any potential changes to pet travel. Extra resources have also been made available at APHA’s Centre for International Trade, Carlisle to support OVs who may have export related queries.

Regarding the UK’s country status following EU Exit, Defra has submitted an application for the UK to obtain listed Third Country status and the information submitted is in the final stages of consideration by the EU.

A number of the issues BSAVA members raised in the BSAVA OV survey in 2018 and which were brought to the attention of Defra and APHA, have been or are being addressed by government as outlined above. They will also be discussed in part at the BSAVA Big Issues stream on Friday 5th April at BSAVA Congress, in particular issues relating to certification and passports. Access to the Big Issues stream can be found in the Programme on the Congress website

BSAVA will continue to liaise with government departments to obtain updates and share relevant information with BSAVA members as soon as it is available.