Conflict in Ukraine

15 March 2022

As part of a global community of veterinarians, our thoughts are with those who have been caught up in this conflict.  BSAVA has been closely monitoring the situation and the international efforts to assess the best way we can use our resources to help and support those in need.  Many of our partners have collated useful resources of information and ways to help either personally or financially and we are supporting them in this effort.

We are working with our European colleagues at FECAVA to seek any way we can support the veterinary profession and its efforts to help people and animals at this difficult time.  BSAVA is a member of the RCVS Refugee programme and to date we have provided free BSAVA membership to 12 refugees (from Syria, Iran, Afghanistan and Iraq) and have also offered them complimentary Congress registration, in person or virtual as suits their circumstances.  This offer automatically extends to any refugees from Ukraine and we will continue to find ways to support veterinary colleagues facing such challenging personal circumstances.

We have reviewed BSAVAs investments and can confirm our portfolio does not have any direct investments in Russian companies and overall exposure to Russia in the investment mix will be less than 0.1%.  Nevertheless, there is a continued willingness by businesses we invest with to go further and divest from this area as quickly as possible, which we support.

We would like to highlight the amazing work being done throughout the profession at this time, there is a lot of information available if you want to find out about any initiatives and how you may be able to assist.

BSAVA is not able to endorse any particular channels or organisations but hope this provides useful information for our members to refer to.

We will continue to engage across our networks to seek ways to support.