BSAVA members tool up on leadership skills to take back to practice

11 October 2017

BSAVA delegates were given an absorbing insight into key leadership skills at a recent CPD event held at the Calcot Centre, Reading.

The evening event, titled ‘Dealing with challenging people in practice – what is really going on?’ was led by Anne-Marie Svendson-Aylott, a former vet from Copenhagen who ran her own practice for seven years and who now runs her own leadership training company.

Anne-Marie hosted an informative and engaging session with BSAVA members, which covered a variety of situations that can lead individuals to thinking that there is a challenging employee present within a workplace to the tools that are required to ensure a positive outcome when faced with this type of situation.

The rest of the session covered topics including the types of behaviour that can make somebody a challenge to work with, intelligence theories and how they can influence people’s assumptions, behaviours and performance and the importance of ensuring that each practice member understands their practice values.

The session finished with a discussion on antisocial personality disorder and narcissistic disorder, with Anne-Marie quick to reassure everybody at the session that there was no need to panic if they recognised some of the traits in themselves!

Helen Watson, BSAVA Southern region secretary, said: “It was a fantastic evening and Anne-Marie was an incredibly engaging speaker. We overran by half an hour but it felt like we could have kept going for another few hours at the very least!

The subject was fascinating and it has certainly made me see my work colleagues and my own behaviours in a different light.”

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