BSAVA launches new online Guide to Nutrition

5 June 2020

The BSAVA has published a new online Guide to Nutrition to support veterinary professionals in discussions with their clients about feeding their pets.

There is a wealth of nutritional information available to pet owners from a variety of different sources, and it is the responsibility of veterinary professionals to assist them in making decisions about appropriate feeding.

The BSAVA Guide to Nutrition is an independent guide comprising a series of factsheets for veterinary professionals on four different diet options; each of these is accompanied by a factsheet for owners that can be provided as part of the consultation. The factsheets cover:

  • Commercially manufactured diets
  • Grain-free diets
  • Home-prepared cooked diets
  • Raw diets.

The factsheets provide information on the formulation of the various diet types, look at the advantages and disadvantages of the diet based on diet claims and available evidence, outline the safety measures that need to be taken into account when feeding a particular diet type, and detail the considerations for feeding the diet to healthy dogs and cats, as well as those with particular disease states.

The new BSAVA Guide to Nutrition is available exclusively through the BSAVA Library (£25; £15 to BSAVA members).

To become a BSAVA member, visit the website here.