BSAVA launch One Health collection

9 November 2022

The BSAVA has launched a new collection on One Health which includes chapters from relevant BSAVA Manuals and resources such as Companion articles and Congress podcasts.

 One Health – the symbiotic relationship between human, animal and environmental health – is an becoming an increasingly important area of medicine.

Whether it is tackling the increase in antimicrobial resistance, investigating the link between human and animal obesity, or discussing the question of sustainability in the veterinary profession, One Health is becoming central to the way that the veterinary profession moves forward in an adaptable, informed and compassionate way.

Krista Arnold, Honorary Secretary of BSAVA says ‘The complicated relationship between human and animal health has been the subject of scientific investigation since the 19th century. Important discoveries and the recognition of disease connections have helped to develop strategies for disease prevention in humans and animals alike. This collection in the BSAVA Library will contribute to further understanding and knowledge of this important topic.’

The collection can be accessed via the BSAVA Library here. It is freely available until the end of December 2022; after this time access is £16.25 for BSAVA members and £25 for non-members.