BSAVA invests in next-generation clinical resource

16 February 2023

BSAVA has announced they are investing in the start-up company that owns VETbytes. VETbytes is a revolutionary point-of-care clinical resource that gives small animal veterinary professionals critical access to the latest evidence-based information.

It offers a library of concise clinical summaries that are drawn from global guidelines and peer-reviewed journals and has an exciting product pipeline building on the foundation of the current ECC app, with a nursing and a primary care app coming soon.

BSAVA Chief Executive Officer, Amanda Stranack, said: “We are very excited about this product and its potential. The VETbytes concept perfectly aligns with our values and our mission to promote clinical excellence and evidence-based education to the veterinary community.

“Integrating EBVM into daily practice has been shown to have a positive effect on client relationships and practice teams and has the potential to improve patient outcomes. As an established partner to VETbytes and an advocate of EBVM, we are pleased to be able to take our relationship to the next level and to support the expansion of this high-quality resource.”

Alison Speakman, BSAVA President, continued: “Finding time in busy practice life to stay up to date with the latest research and advances can be challenging, therefore enabling members to benefit from this fantastic tool quickly at the point of care is a huge step forward. The VETbytes app works really well for practitioners alongside the BSAVA manuals and formularies and is a very exciting development.”

Zoë Coker, co-founder of VETbytes and a BSAVA member, added “Our vision was to create something different, a new generation of clinical resource that was not only evidence based and evidence transparent, but also interactive and updated in real time. We drew on our own experiences as vets, looked closely at what could go wrong in practice and then developed tools and techniques to reduce these errors, creating real QI.

“We hope to be able to enhance the quality of veterinary care, maximise efficiency and facilitate clinical decision making by providing clinicians with easy access to current, reliable and clinically relevant information and we are absolutely delighted to have the support of BSAVA whose values and vision are closely aligned to ours.”

BSAVA members are offered an exclusive 33% discount on VETbytes. To find out more about how to access this discount, visit:

For more information about VETbytes: