BSAVA expands nutrition guide

12 October 2022

There is a wealth of nutritional information available to pet owners from a variety of different sources, and it is the responsibility of veterinary professionals to assist them in making decision about what to feed their pet. The BSAVA Guide to Nutrition provides essential, independent guidance to help aid these discussions.

First published as an online resource in 2020, the Guide originally comprised a series of factsheets for both veterinary professionals and pet owners covering commercially manufactured, grain-free, raw and home-prepared cooked diets. In 2022, we have expanded the Guide to provide veterinary professional and pet owner factsheets on:
  • Hospital nutrition
  • Critical care nutrition
  • Adverse reactions to food
  • Chronic kidney disease
The new factsheets build on considerations for feeding healthy dogs and cats by providing information on the formulation of diet types for pets under veterinary care and those with even more specific nutritional requirements.

This expanded edition compliments the BSAVA’s championing of the importance of nutrition in small animal practice. In August, BSAVA launched the Vet Nurse Merit Award in Nutritiona webinar-based CPD programme, supporting nursing guidance on appropriate pet nutrition. 

The new BSAVA Guide to Nutrition is available exclusively through the BSAVA Library (£40; £26 for BSAVA members).

Review copies are available upon request, please email Ian Mellor at