BSAVA expands Guide to Nutrition

30 October 2023


There is a wealth of nutritional information available to pet owners from a variety of different sources, and it is the responsibility of veterinary professionals to assist them in making decisions about what to feed their pet. The BSAVA Guide to Nutrition provides essential, independent guidance to help aid these discussions.

The Guide was first published in the BSAVA Library in 2020 and featured just four diet types. It has been greatly expanded over the last few years with the ongoing research and development in animal nutrition and now includes factsheets on feeding for specific situations and conditions. This latest update sees four new sections added to the Guide. These new sections cover:

  • Alternative protein-based diets
  • Plant-based diets
  • Obesity care
  • Restricted activity

The BSAVA Guide to Nutrition is available exclusively through the BSAVA Library (£45; £29.50 for BSAVA members). Those who have already bought the Guide will automatically receive the new chapters at no extra cost. BSAVA veterinary nurse members who renewed their membership in 2023 will have received 12-month access to the Guide and will automatically be able to read the new chapters for the rest of their access period.