BSAVA Congress strives towards being a carbon neutral event

8 March 2023

As part of the BSAVA’s commitment towards environmental sustainability, this year’s Congress is a carbon assessed event in partnership with Carbon Footprint, and therefore there are a number of sustainable initiatives which are helping us to work towards a neutral event certification for Congress 2023.

A sustainable venue

Our venue for BSAVA Congress 2023, Manchester Central, aims to divert all waste from landfill. After removing all recyclables from their waste, anything non-recyclable is compacted into bales and transported to a combined heat and power facility. Here, energy is harvested from the residual waste to produce electricity and also steam which produces thermal energy.

All kitchen and plate food waste including fruit and vegetable peelings and coffee grounds is sent to a process called Anaerobic Digestion, which speeds up the natural breakdown of food inside a large, sealed tank. This process emits a methane-rich gas which is captured and used to generate electricity.

Working with local food suppliers

The venue prioritises working with local, small-scale farmers and artisan suppliers, not only to ensure the highest quality, but the full traceability of all their food and produce. They only source from those who share their commitment to sustainability, traditional farming methods and Fairtrade. They also visit each supplier regularly as part of their audit process. Sourcing locally not only reduces the venues carbon footprint, but it also makes sure that they create maximum value for the local economy.

Ethical merchandise for delegates

This year, all delegate bags distributed by the BSAVA are made using Flax; a natural plant fibre which uses much less water to produce than its rival, cotton. In terms of sustainability, Flax is often considered a preferred fibre with less harmful environmental impact, plus it has the added advantage of being much more durable than cotton meaning that it will last longer, adding to its sustainability. The factory which produces the bags is also Sedex registered, which means that they comply with all ethical and responsible practices. The delegate lanyards are also made from post-consumer plastics, which means they are already recycled when you wear them!

Dog Kennels made from the Exhibition!

You’d probably never guess this… but one person collects pallets of old graphics from the exhibition to make dog kennels and shelters from, and that’s pretty cool! All carpets will be sent for recycling at the close of show, any grass or vinyls will be removed and re-used, if possible, on small stands. Fabric graphics are also fully recyclable once they are sent back to the supplier and will begin the manufacturing cycle once again! We will also be re-using the Publications stand structure from 2022, as well as re-using certain panels across the event.

Find out more about BSAVA’s Sustainable Working Group and our environmental policy here:

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