BSAVA Cognitive Aids for Anaesthesia in Small Animal Practice – available now

10 November 2020

The BSAVA has added a new ‘essential’ anaesthesia guide to its collection of resources for clinical practitioners. This guide includes checklists that should be completed as part of any anaesthetic procedure, as well as troubleshooting guides and crisis checklists. Cognitive aids can help save lives and reduce the incidence of complications, thus, in combination with appropriate training, this resource will be a valuable addition to any surgical team’s operating toolkit.

The guide is divided into two sections:

  • General cognitive aids – including routine and safety checklists that should be performed for every anaesthetic procedure
  • Crisis checklists and cognitive aids – including a rapid situational assessment checklist that signposts to potential anaesthetic complications such as haemorrhage, bronchoconstriction and tachycardia. There are also troubleshooting guides for pulse waveforms, pulse oximetry and capnography.

Downloadable forms for pre-anaesthetic assessment, recovery and patient handover, and safety checks have been produced to accompany this guide and are available from the BSAVA Library.

Purchase your print copy of the BSAVA Cognitive Aids for Anaesthesia in Small Animal Practice from the BSAVA website here or call our Membership Services Team on 01452 726700. Digital copies of the book can be purchased from the BSAVA Library here.

Price: £25.00; BSAVA members: £15.00