BSAVA and CVS celebrate one year of partnership for the veterinary profession

31 October 2022

BSAVA and CVS are celebrating a successful first year of partnership that benefits CVS employees by giving them access to a wide range of online resources via the BSAVA Library.

The first year of this partnership has exceeded the expectations of both BSAVA and CVS, with phenomenal statistics from the BSAVA Library. CVS employees have logged onto the BSAVA Library an incredible 20,000 times, with full-text content including the BSAVA’s renowned Manuals and Guides being accessed nearly 40,000 times.

Alison Speakman, BSAVA President, said: “It’s fantastic to see how much the colleagues at CVS have used the BSAVA Library over the past year. Our publications are part of how BSAVA fulfils its purpose to drive excellence in veterinary practice to improve the health and welfare of small animals. Funds generated from library subscribers such as CVS, other practices, university vet schools and other users have helped BSAVA to invest in improvements to the site that benefit all users and the profession.”

Directly supporting those in practice, all CVS colleagues have had 24/7 access to the most up to date information, meaning that they are able to give the best possible care and advice to clients when providing treatment.

Helena Wilkes, Senior Clinical Director at Rosemullion Veterinary Practice, said: “Having the BSAVA library readily accessible to all the clinical team has been a great step forward in supporting our colleagues, especially the new graduates. This is not only cost effective but also more sustainable.

“One of the most useful things is that the information isn’t only accessible in one location. With two branch practices this has resolved the problem of the main library being located at the hospital, not where you need it during a consultation. As a leader this gives me confidence that my team have high quality information at their fingertips at any time.”

Dr Alan Johnson, a CVS Veterinary Surgeon, continued: “I am currently working towards my RCVS Certificate in Emergency & Critical Care and having the BSAVA library at my fingertips has helped me with my studies, exams and preparing for the synoptic. 

“When working out of hours, you can never predict what weird and wonderful cases you are going to see. It hugely increases my job satisfaction knowing the entire library is available to me, giving me the confidence to provide the best possible care to every single patient.”

Dr Martin Whiting, Director of Education CVS, said: “We are incredibly proud at CVS to be able to provide our clinical colleagues with the very best supportive resources and simultaneously to help the BSAVA library to grow.  The usage statistics by CVS colleagues show just how beneficial the Library is in helping us deliver the best possible care to our patients and in particular help our new graduates transition to practice more smoothly.” 

To find out more about CVS, visit their website here.

If you are interested in partnering with BSAVA for your practice, please contact Sarah Fitzpatrick, Head of Partnerships and Events at