BSAVA and BVBA provide behavioural advice for pet owners and veterinary professionals

3 July 2020

The BSAVA and BVBA have put together a Q&A for pet owners to help them prepare their pets for return to normal life as lockdown eases. The information has been made available amid concerns from behaviourists and animal welfare organisations that there may be a rise in behavioural issues as lifestyle restrictions are lifted.

The Q&A, which has been written for vets to pass on to their clients easily, explains what some of the key behavioural concerns are and how these can be prevented and managed. Topics include separation-related issues, animals becoming anxious as the world around them becomes busier and noisier, and puppies lacking appropriate skills when greeting animals (including dogs and people) from other households. The Q&A can be downloaded here

Dr Hannah Donovan, vet, clinical animal behaviourist and Social Media Officer at the BVBA said: “We hope that this information will help vets to support their clients and their pets when faced with potential challenges as we transition out of lockdown.”

Professor Ian Ramsey, President of the BSAVA added: “This guidance has been developed in collaboration with the BVBA with the intention of supporting vets in practice in an ever-changing environment. It sits alongside other practical BSAVA resources vets can share with pet owners, such as Vaccination Guidance and Neutering Guidance, and follows the BSAVA’s core ethos – ‘By the profession for the profession.”

In addition, the BSAVA has created a collection of resources for veterinary professionals relating to the prevention, management and treatment of behavioural issues in cats of dogs, which is freely available in the BSAVA Library until the end of July. The collection includes chapters from the BSAVA Manual of Canine and Feline Behavioural Medicine; for those wishing to buy the full manual, there is a £10 discount on both the print and online editions throughout July (using code BEHAV10 on checkout).

Further information for vets can be found in the BSAVA’s COVID-19 resources on the BSAVA website here  and the BSAVA’s Toolkit for vets in our ‘BSAVA Resources’ section which is part of our dedicated area for vets in practice here .