BSAVA adds new endoscopy series to Client Information Leaflets

4 February 2022

BSAVA has added seven new leaflets to its series of client information leaflets focused on veterinary procedures. They cover the following endoscopic examinations: upper gastrointestinal endoscopy, lower gastrointestinal endoscopy, laparoscopy, laryngoscopy and tracheobronchoscopy, otoendoscopy, rhinoscopy and urethrocystoscopy.

The new leaflets are designed to be used as part of the veterinary consultation and provide information to help owners understand what is involved in the examination, including the reasons for the procedure, the preparation required, any associated risks, and what happens during and after the examination. They are available in a PDF format which can be printed and stamped with the veterinary practice details or emailed to clients.

“Minimally invasive surgery is becoming commonplace in general veterinary practice and is much sought after by clients, especially for routine procedures such as bitch spays. It is important that clients are properly informed of all the risks and benefits of a minimally invasive procedure and these leaflets provide the first opinion practitioner with an ideal means of providing such information in a succinct and easily understood format,&” said Philip Lhermette, Principal of Elands Veterinary Clinic, specialist in minimally invasive surgery and Past President of the BSAVA.

The new leaflets are available via the BSAVA Library here: Access to the entire range of client information leaflets (including canine and feline behaviour, exotic pets, and medicines) is available for an annual subscription of £40; BSAVA members have access to these leaflets as part of their membership benefits.

The procedural client information leaflets are constantly being added to and we welcome suggestions for further procedures to cover – please send any ideas to