Avian influenza confirmed in Boston

27 January 2017

Avian influenza (H5N8) has been confirmed at a turkey rearing farm near Boston, Lincolnshire.

A 3km Protection Zone and a 10km Surveillance Zone have been put in place around the infected premises to limit the risk of the disease spreading.

APHA have now produced an interactive map to show the restrictions in place.

Restrictions remain in place at the following sites:

  • Boston, Lincolnshire (confirmed on 26 January 2017)
  • Wyre, Lancashire (confirmed on 24 January 2017)
  • East Lindsey, Lincolnshire (confirmed on 16 January 2017)
  • Settle, North Yorkshire (confirmed on 6 January 2017)
  • Carmarthenshire, Wales (confirmed on 4 January 2017)

Restrictions have now been lifted at the following site:

  • Louth, Lincolnshire (confirmed on 16 December, all restrictions lifted 18 January)