Ask The Expert – Send your questions on transfusion medicine

8 March 2016

Companion animals with a wide variety of conditions can benefit or even be saved with timely and appropriate use of blood component transfusions – but any transfusion event can contain risks and of course we need to understand and consider the needs of individual patients.

Jenny Walton, Veterinary Supervisor of the Pet Blood Bank, can help us gain that understanding and appreciate the practicalities involved in blood transfusions. Jenny qualified in 1998 from Edinburgh, and she was in mixed practice for 4 years prior to joining Vets Now where she worked for more than a decade. In 2007 she co-founded the Pet Blood Bank UK, where she holds the role of Veterinary Supervisor, whilst continuing to work in practice.

Jenny now oversees the practical side of blood collection and processing, training and managing the clinical staff and advancing transfusion medicine through both an education programme and continuous research and development. Jenny is looking forward to getting your questions on all aspects of transfusion medicine, including queries about blood products, ancillary products, and donation. Please send your questions to by 4 April.