Animal Welfare Network Wales (AWNW)

9 October 2019

Our BSAVA Welsh Region members continue to do some great work in their region by actively volunteering their time to participate in the activities of the Animal Welfare Network Wales (AWNW). Along with input from other BSAVA volunteers, our members share their expertise in supporting the work of AWNW  by contributing to a number of excellent initiatives that aim to improve companion animal health and welfare.

These initiatives include the campaign to end Third Party Sales of puppies and kittens in Wales with the Welsh Government announcing in July that it intends to press ahead with its plans to introduce a ban on such sales.

AWNW members have also worked closely with Welsh Government to review and update the Code of Practice for Cat Welfare which is anticipated to be made available soon.

Currently members are working on updating the Welsh Government’s Code of Practice for Rabbit Welfare, the intention being that once agreed by AWNW and Welsh Government, it too will be made available.

Previous information on the work of AWNW and BSAVA volunteers can be found here

If you’d like to become involved in the work of AWNW, please volunteer to share your expertise and make a difference to national initiatives and policies.