#30YearThrowback “Congress has made me stronger and more confident” – Tetiana Khramova

As our last Congress in Birmingham would have come to a close, we’re returning to the last of our #30YearThrowback blogs to look at some happy memories from Congress and to spread a bit of positivity before this bank holiday weekend!

One of our BSAVA International Travel Scholarship winners, Tetiana, has written in to tell us about how Congress has changed her life during the last year since attending. She says “I can’t forget the interesting lectures and fab social events. But BSAVA Congress is definitely not only about the lectures.”

Tetiana is from Ukraine, and coming to BSAVA Congress was her first European Congress, her first flight to Europe, first time in an English speaking country as well as her first time listening to lectures in English for the 4 days. She said “I had to understand and remember them in order to spread the knowledge among my Ukrainian colleagues. I can’t explain how scared I was during the first few days!”.

Since coming to Congress, Tetiana has started to communicate with her English speaking colleagues, as well as starting to visit international conferences and lecturing in Ukraine. On top of all this, she’s also decided to continue her professional education in Europe. That’s a huge milestone from attending her first Congress last year!

The biggest treasure that Tetiana has taken from BSAVA Congress are her new friends she has made there. Some mentions include;

“The fantastic lady from Austria, who moved to the UK with her lovely husband.

The German guy, who travels around Europe and writes about it in his blog.

The Greek student, who we met again later in Saint Petersburg and had a great night walk in the city.

The Georgian vet of who I met again in Moscow in November and now I follow her adventures in Sri Lanka.

The famous British surgeon, who now lives in Shanghai.

The Slovenian internist who is hosting me in May during the next EERVC conference…

And the sweetest memories about spending time with them in Birmingham.”

She says the trip to Congress has made her stronger and more confident. Which is absolutely amazing to hear! Tetiana says she promises she will come to Manchester to unite with all of her friends again to “feel the fantastic atmosphere of Congress”.

To finish, Tetiana says “I just want to say ‘Thank you, BSAVA’ again for your fantastic work of uniting veterinary surgeons around the world and spreading knowledge.”

We absolutely love hearing that Congress has played such a huge part in your lives. To hear that Tetiana has become so much more comfortable with life changing things such as communicating with her English speaking colleagues and visiting international conferences is fantastic and it’s amazing to think that we had a part in that.

We’ll see you again in Manchester, Tetiana!

We would also like to say a massive THANK YOU to everyone who contributed to our #30YearThrowback blogs, it’s been amazing looking back at so many different memories from across the years, and only makes us even more excited to get to Manchester next year to see you all.

In the meantime, we will be recording more than 100 hours of planned Congress lectures over the next few weeks, so you don’t have to completely miss out on the Congress experience this year. Congress on Demand will be ready in early May – keep an eye on our social media channels for updates!