Rabies elimination live

14 October 2016

Since 2013 Mission Rabies have demonstrated that rabies control through canine mass vaccination is possible. With the introduction of a novel mobile application, Mission Rabies have been at the forefront of making rabies elimination programmes easy to manage, economically sound and most of all transparent. Now Mission Rabies are again setting standards by enabling everyone to experience their mass vaccination drives in the field.

“Through Mission Rabies Live, which can be found under https://www.missionrabies.com/live, everyone can follow the progress of our teams in the field. The multimedia presentation includes daily updated progress maps which will show where our teams are vaccinating dogs, blog/vlog entries as well as a progress counter and a Twitter Widget that will enable both team members in the field to share their experiences as well as the general public to ask questions and engage with the campaign” explains Frederic Lohr, Global Operations Officer, for Mission Rabies UK.

Mission Rabies Live will be online for initial trial phase during our Goa mass vaccination drive in India from the 3rd to the 29th of October 2016 and then again in April/May 2017 during our Blantyre mass vaccination drive. For the Mission Rabies Goa drive the hashtag #MRGoa16 was created and the general public is invited to join us online to make this vicious disease history. This will give you a good impression of what to expect if you are considering volunteering to participate in a future programme.

More information about Mission Rabies’ programmes, future projects and how to become a part of Mission Rabies can be found on www.missionrabies.com or for details about getting involved email: fred@missionrabies.com.