As part of our commitment to promote excellence in small animal practice, the BSAVA has developed a range of materials for members of the public and professionals to download and print in aid of PetSavers. PetSavers is our fundraising and grant awards arm dedicated to improving the health of pets by funding clinical research to provide vets with a better understanding of the illnesses that affect companion animals.

If you are a veterinary professional and would like printed copies to give to clients, please complete the form below after making a donation towards postage and printing costs, which should be made via our JustGiving page. Please note that your order will be rejected if you do not include your JustGiving reference details. Free, downloadable versions of all pet guides are available at the bottom of this page.

**Please note, hard copies of the puppy and kitten guides are no longer available**

This form is for requesting material only. We will not contact you for advertising or promotional purposes unless you are already a BSAVA member who has previously expressed an interest in PetSavers.

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